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Who are we?

International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) (and its 27 country affiliates) exists to empower women in the coffee industry. IWCA Vietnam was founded in 2019 as a non-profit social enterprise to address the challenges for the advancement of Vietnamese female farmers and coffee workers.

Why do we do?

IWCA Vietnam seeks to acknowledge women’s participation in the coffee industries and empower them by providing them with the tools necessary to have equal access to resources and benefits of their works.

100% of coffee contents are from IWCA Vietnam members, the majority being 4C-certified and coffee is grown according to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

What do we do?

IWCA – Vietnam supports the livelihoods for women in the coffee industry in Vietnam. Committed profits will be reinvested in expanding activities to improve quality of life. IWCA Vietnam sells products to raise funds and call for funding for non-profit projects in order to:

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According to data from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, there are currently about 200,000 children with autism in Vietnam. However, some experts say the number could be as high as one million children. Worldwide, studies show that on average, one in every 160 children has a disability on the autism spectrum.

We may not be like “ordinary” children, but we are special children.

The truth is that we discovered our power.

We want parents to understand that with the right support we can confidently do many things, be able to support ourselves and have an independent life when we grow up. With our efforts and abilities, we deserve to be treated fairly and humanely.

And today…

This “coffee-scented sock” is a handmade product of autistic little girls with a particularly difficult life. Although they are autistic, they are always eager to learn. There are students who have passed the entrance exam to a regular university, but unfortunately cannot have enough money to study, so they have to temporarily put aside their dream of going to a regular university and choose another study path…

Each of these products was sold and brought them 12,000 VND, not enough for them to pay for a glass of juice in a quiet afternoon, but it was enough to help them get closer to their dreams. .Our Child Rights Research Center is an organization whose mission is to connect and inspire people to join hands to help children with autism and other disabilities realize their dreams and ambitions, so that they can better integrate into the community and have a particularly meaningful life.

Thank you for sharing your warm heart and hope you will love this wonderful little “coffee scented sock”.

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